Reason or rhyme: a holistic approach to telling stories.

An editorial about the effects of the moon. Captured on an island in Sweden. Art director: Kirsten Willey. Realisation: Stef Bakker. Photography: Magnus Mårding


Manifesto: taking brands beyond expectation.

Clients include: British VogueMacgowan FilmsOpera Australia, Soho House, Sydney FestivalVirgin Atlantic and Williams-Sonoma inc

Creative director: Kirsten Willey. Collaborators: contact (above left).





Another time, another place: lensed interiors.

APA nominated title. Co-author / design: Kirsten Willey. Author / photography: Martyn Thompson. Buy Interiors.




Flesh and blood: defining the essence of being human.

Peter Saville (who’s revised the Burberry and Calvin Klein logos) was given my initial design to look at. Saville wasn’t able to improve on the simplicity and no alterations were made.
Art director: Kirsten Willey. Type design: Paul Khera.


The end of the line: not dotting the i’s.

With the well-being concept BAREpunctuation was eliminated to emulate the brand’s ethos. Launch strategy / design: Kirsten Willey. From Wikipedia.


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