WinA1314 is implemented as a Windows driver and service module that utilizes the Interception kernel mode driver (keyboard.sys) implemented by Francisco Lopes. I am writing this from my 13-year-!old-wireless Mac keyboard. Ludwig - 11/16/2017 Reply Pairing the keyboard is very trial and error. Check with the keyboard manufacturer for additional information. Replacement Aluminium Battery Cover Cap Lid Plug for Apple iMac Keyboard G6 A1314 A1644 and Magic Trackpad A1339. Model: A1314. The 2 keyboards works battery caps still have batteries stuck inside. There is actually no evidence that the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard even supports a reset function. Press and hold Command + w until the keyboard light begins blinking, indicating the keyboard is ready to pair. Lets see what happens. If its the former, the instructions below for holding the power switch in the on position likely work, some people seem to have confirmed it, if its the latter, then probably not. Be prepared for it not to connect, but don't give up.