in your reedmaking, so that you can replicate the successes more frequently. Wide or Narrow? Investing in reed making supplies is a wise way … The oboe reed is longer and narrower than an English horn or an oboe d’amore reed, for example, but both use metal staples without a … American Oboe Reed Shop is a custom Oboe and English Horn reed maker. Oboe Tie length: 72mm Oboe Finished reed: 69-70mm If you look at the price of an individual oboe reed, the cost really adds up depending on how many hours a week you play the instrument. Oboe. Oboe Reed Diagram Nicely presented diagram of the terms and measurements of an oboe reed. Their measurements are different, as well as the sound that each particular oboist is trying to achieve. I am a professional Oboe and English Horn player providing student and professional reeds Get Started! Its wooden tube is distinguished by a conical bore expanding at the end into a flaring bell. Some makers also leave more in the back of the reed with these larger instruments to aid projection. The oboe is a soprano-range, double-reed woodwind instrument of length 62 cm. I also interviewed some professional oboists and compared the different ways of making reeds. Also see this pdf file. Oboe Reed Making Excellent graphics combined with brief explanations make this … Oboe Reed Adjustment One of the most detailed descriptions on adjusting oboe reeds on the web. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Steps To Make an Oboe Reed Oboe Reeds Beginning Oboe Reed Making by Martin Schuring of Arizona State University. 27 Lessons 20+ Videos All Skill Level 2:00 Duration English Language Share This Course: Affiliation & Supplies Reviews I … This, combined with more flexible cane, makes for a more open reed and allows, when balanced with careful finishing of the tip, for a thinner scrape. Upcharg I 100% guarantee that you will be satisfied with my reeds. Oboe reeds are usually about 7 mm (0.3 in) in width, and bassoon double reeds are wider than oboe double reeds with a width anywhere from 13.5–15.9 mm (0.53–0.63 in). “B” shaper plays better intonation with large bore Oboe like Loree, Howarth, Rigoutat act. Oboe Cane: various brands, 9.5-10.5 diameter range Oboe Gouge: Innoledy, John Mack version, .59-.62 micrometers in the center Oboe Shape: Jeanne Oboe Staple: Chartier 47mm English Horn cane: various brands, 11-12 diameter range EH Gouge: RDG, .68-.70 EH Shape: Gilbert -1N EH Staple: Chartier 22mm MEASUREMENTS. Complete access to the video demonstration library on the web. $22.98 $ 22. Each piece is measured with a micrometer to ensure consistency (measurements are done while the cane is soaked). Return customers are welcome! This could vary your sound tremendously. The Oboe d’amore produces a slightly mellower and quieter sound than the Oboe. ... Generally speaking, the wider the shape, the longer one should tie the reed. (At my normal rate, it would take me over 9 hours and cost about $700.00 for me to cover all of the skills you need to make an oboe reed.) A tube, usually consisting of nickel-silver or brass, with specific measurements according to its respective double reed instrument. At Your Service. Profiling Machine - Templates. The oboe is an instrument that requires a double reed and, unless you develop your own technique for making reeds, you will be at the mercy of each manufacturer's style. It takes a long time to build up your technique and consistency. Our oboe reeds are made from type “B” and “D” shaper: “Original”: shaped as dry, “Narrow”: shaped as been soaked in water. The canes outward appearance can often be deceiving. A wider tip will give you a Gouged on your choice of Ross, Ferrillo or Innoledy gouging machine. The quality of a reed does not only depend on the skill of the musician. Other options New and used from $14.37. The width of a reed affects its sound and response, and so many reed makers variate it to achieve the results they desire. The Medium (M) reeds are made with cane of 10.5-10.75 mm diameter gouged to 0.56-0.58 mm thick (measurements taken on dry cane). How to Fix a Large Reed Opening; The Ultimate Guide to English Horn Reeds; Oboe Reed Adjustments [Infographic] A Guide to Sharpening Stones and Tools; Choosing a Career in Music for Double Reed and Wind Players; High Altitude Oboe Reeds; Sorting Tube Cane; Common Oboe Reed Adjustments; FOLLOW. It can be especially helpful when you are making changes in … The Oboe. Basic Reedmaking Principles. Instagram; YouTube; LinkedIn Keeping a reed log helps you discover what’s working (and what’s not!) The wrap point (5.1mm) is assigned a value of zero. More even than the oboe, the balance of the English horn, oboe d’Amore, and bass oboe reeds affects pitch, volume, and stability in the upper registers, and will need to be experimented with. Includes information on gouge measurements and preferred supplies used to make oboe reeds. One reason that American-style reed makers have to take more out of the windows is because the sides of your reed are going to be thicker where the windows are than where the heart is. Reeds 'n Stuff. If you live in Europe, in general (with some exceptions, this is the oboe of course) reeds tend to be made with a "short scrape". As everyones knows, the ke They are shown in Fig-ure 5. To keep the entire reed vibrating, American-style reed makers need to add windows to the reed since the side measurements of the gouge will be thicker in that area. Templates Made to Measure for the Best Notes. Reed making is an investment in you or your student’s future. Figure 5: Internal profile of an oboe reed (taken from [6], page 33, with author’s permission). Reed information for oboe. Back To All Courses A Guide to Oboe Reed Making Make better reeds. While early oboe reed makers had only sharp scoops resembling spoons to prep their cane, modern oboists require the precision and consistency of machines to thin the cane to a workable thickness. My work is about the reed making craft, which is very important for every oboe player. Student Oboe Reed (Beginner) EG-REEDS 8,90 € Professional oboe reed EG-REEDS 19,50 € Student oboe reed (Intermediate) EG-REEDS 12,00 € Shaped oboe cane EG-REEDS 22,00 € Gouged oboe cane EG-REEDS 19,00 € Professional English horn reed EG-REEDS 22,50 € Custom professional oboe reed EG-REEDS From 25,00 € Mayer oboe reed 23,00 € 5.1mm is a "typical" wrap point. • How to use your oboe mandrel to wind an EH reed • Measurements and structures of an EH reed • How and why to put wire on • How and why to put tubing on the end Wire on the English Horn Reeds – Perhaps the most microscopic of questions: which direction should the little poke-y end of the wire face on an English Horn Reed? Guaranteed Satisfaction. The shapers that we are using is custom made according to my own measurements. The belly is measured 5mm above that, the throat at 12mm, and the tip at 23mm. Almeida [6] presented measurements of the internal profile of an oboe reed (including the staple). Oboe Reed Diagram.Nicely presented diagram of the terms and measurements of an oboe reed. Creating a perfect reed, then, is an almost alchemical process, more aligned with wand-making than blacksmithing. Developed by Martin Schuring of Arizona State University. Priced per piece of gouged oboe cane. 98. Even if you use a different wrap point our approach will still make it easier to compare shapes. Although all members of the oboe family use double reeds, each instrument’s reeds have different measurements and use different materials. It’s like being the overseer of quality control in your own reed factory! Cane shaped on a wider shape usually works well when tied at 60-61 mm. It has a crook and pear-shaped bell like the English Horn, and uses the same fingering as the Oboe, but is pitched a minor 3rd below in A. Reed making is a lot like any other skill - in order to get better, you have to practice, practice, practice. [Rieger] measuring tool for oboe, analogue - For cane and reed measurements. According to the measurements presented in Figure 4 it seems that the reed passage is not narrow enough to add a Developed by Martin Schuring of Arizona State University. As is the case with oboe shapes, choosing the proper English Horn shape is subjective and a matter of personal choice. Get it as soon as Tue, Dec 15. The Beginner’s Guide to Making Your First Playing Oboe Reed… In 9 Days or Less. Our vast assortment of templates is the result of the confluence of musical expertise and … Be patient with yourself. In fact, measurements done recently in double reeds point to the fact that the The reed, in turn, is the voice box of the oboe—and the tiniest tweak in a double reed changes an oboe’s sound significantly. MATERIALS. These easy-to-follow steps will show you how to make oboe reeds. Check out for reed making lessons. The Oboe D’amore is the ‘mezzo-soprano’ Oboe in the Oboe Family. Gouged oboe cane, ready to be made into your best oboe reeds. 365invent Oboe Reed Case for 20pcs Reeds PU Leather Cover(Black) 4.4 out of 5 stars 31. The modern oboe's range extends from the B-flat below middle C (B3-flat) to the A nearly three octaves higher (A6). Arrives before Christmas. The bottom of an oboe staple is surrounded by cork for secure insertion into the instrument. Center thickness is .58-.60mm. Analog Hardness Tester - precise and objective. Key words: Reeds, oboe… Westwind helps take the frustration out of finding the perfect Oboe shaper tip or English Horn shaper tip by offering proven shapes with unsurpassed consistency, durability, and symmetry. Lastly, before the steps to making an oboe reed: be prepared to make 1000 bad reeds before they are good. an oboe reed is not that different from that of a clarinet reed, the only difference probably being due to pressure recovery inside the conical staple. The measurements given for each portion of the reed are measured from the bottom of the staple, and are approximate because reedmaking is not an exact science, and if a … Continue reading The Structure of an Oboe Reed. I write about different cane, tools, measurements, my own way of making reeds and my experiences.