The name of the game: digital design.

Rebranding former SMH shopping columnist as Australia's no.1 lifestyle blogger.

Creative strategy (design framework / tone and content creation): Kirsten Willey. Find Melissa Penfold





Stone woman: the only club that needs no advertisement.

Shake-up in the houses. Creative director: Kirsten Willey. Photography: Gerald Jenkins. Visit Soho House.





Amazona: putting Prague in print.

Concept / inspiration: Kirsten Willey. Photography: Tom Evangelidis. TitleFaçadeRepresentation: Black Eye Gallery. Pictured (above) is Žižkov Television Tower, Cz.


If there is something: don’t sit down.

Is sitting the new smoking? Art director: Kirsten Willey. Photography: Martyn Thompson. Story: Galen Cranz.





The bedroom stripped back: constructing an interior.

A platform for school leavers. Realisation: Kirsten Willey. Photography: Peter Mack.


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