A platform for school leavers.

Cross-channel concept for TAFE and Training. Creative Director: Kirsten Willey. Photography: Peter MackLisa Cohen, Steve Baccon. Chef: Matt Stone. Talent: Nick Greco (left) with Ivan_Ooze / rapper.


Summer in the city.

Luring crowds inside. Design manager: Kirsten Willey. Explore Sydney Festival

The only club that needs no advertisement.

Creative director: Kirsten Willey. Photography: Gerald Jenkins. Visit Soho House.





The art directors’ handbook.

Showcasing: Kirsten Willey. Colour issue (middle / right page): Metsä Board. Source Horst Moser





eComm overhaul: going live.

Finessing the photographic output. Senior Creative: Kirsten Willey. Shop Williams-Sonoma inc





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