Conscious cooking: on a school night.

Chef Matt Stone’s tips. Creative director: Kirsten Willey. Photography: Lisa Cohen.

Celebrating fashion, food and fiscal.

Grossi Florentino as supplement to Vogue Living (AU). Creative director: Kirsten Willey. Photography: John Laurie.





The best in style & design.

Brand creation / design framework / content and tone. Creative strategy: Kirsten Willey. 

Join: Melissa Penfold





Prague: looking through another lens.

Ideation: Kirsten Willey. Photography: Tom Evangelidis. TitleFaçadeRepresentation: Black Eye Gallery. Shown at Paris Photo L.A. and around the world.


Find Wonderful: revitalising home.

Myer + BBDO home division. Senior art director: Kirsten Willey. Photography: Lisa Cohen. Shop the store. Find Wonderful here.


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